LaPira and Furnas were co-Principal Investigators of the 2017 Congressional Capacity Survey, which they fielded with collaborators as part of the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group. Lee Drutman, Alexander Hertel-Fernandez, and Kevin Kosar were also co-PIs.

In the second half of 2017, the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group conducted an online survey of congressional staff regarding the legislative branch’s capacity. We distributed questionnaires to all the professionals who work for a member, committee, or party leader in the U.S. House or Senate in Washington, DC.

This survey queried respondents on the backgrounds, career paths, policy views, and job experiences of congressional staffers, as well as the procedures and organizational structures that allow these individuals to do their work in the most effective and democratically responsive ways.

More detail about the survey can be found on the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group Website.

Extensive results from the 2017 Survey are forthcoming in an edited volume from the University of Chicago Press. We have also written about these results in some blog posts here and here.